Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally EXHAUSTED


I'm so tired I don't even know where to begin with this one. For starters, I acquired a "new" car. I finally surrendered the Focus. It's been whining like a little bitch lately so I took it to Baytown to get inspected. But when I got there, my mom and dad had already devised a plan: give Katy the Honda and make repairs to the Focus at a later date. Hey, that's fine with me. Frankly, I'm so tired of that hatch I could push it off a cliff. Instead, my mom insisted that we give it to my 16-year-old cousin. Poor Zach. Best wishes, buddy! 

On the drive home I came up with some ideas for the campaign. Whether or not they suck is up to the discretion of my peers. Here's a list of extremely rough concepts:

- You wouldn't binge eat; why binge drink?
- Would you pee your pants if everyone else thought it was cool? (Billy Madison doesn't count)
- Hug a tree; not a toilet. (In case we decide to "go green")
- One beer has as many calories as a(n)_____. Don't you think you would stop after your fourth_____?
- When the bottle is empty, what have you got to show for yourself?
- What are you trying to prove by drinking that fifth drink?

Like I said these ideas are extremely rough. They're meant to be used as launch pads for bigger and better ideas. And since I had to miss AdFed today to go get my car inspected I felt bad for not contributing anything to the idea generation process that is every Tuesday and Thursday. 

I need to get some interesting paintings/posters for my room soon - to help with the flow of creativity of course. 

In the meantime, I'm gonna go take care of some homework that has the potential for extra credit if turned in tomorrow. Sounds enticing, doesn't it? Oh yessss.

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